Gil Ramirez Sr.

The story of how commercial developer Gil Ramirez defied the odds to become a self-made millionaire before he was 30 years old shows that with integrity, determination, passion and a respect for others, anything is possible.

By the time Gil Ramirez, Sr. was 29 years old, this unlikely success story was a college graduate, an entrepreneur, a successful businessman and self-made millionaire, offering to the world a testament of what can happen when hard work meets determination, discipline, and integrity.

Gil Ramirez Sr. possesses more than 40 years of experience in residential and commercial construction as an active builder and developer. He has built custom, luxurious homes throughout Houston – from Sugar Creek to Memorial and from Bellaire to West University. In 1994, Gil was asked by fellow board members at his community bank to build affordable homes in the Southeast area of Houston. Since then, Mr. Ramirez has developed innovative communities and constructed over 1,500 quality homes throughout the Hobby area.

With a stellar brand and reputation in and around the greater Houston area, anyone who has encountered Mr. Ramirez in business or the community will bear witness to what is clear: this is a man who is not driven by money, but by a passion to build, accomplish and realize every bit of potential that is resident within him. He is motivated by his ability to help others, to contribute to the community, and to build things that will bring some element of pleasure to people’s lives.

Business Summary
Standard Morgan Partners, LTD. (SMP) is a Texas limited partnership established by Gil Ramirez, Sr. who has over 35 years of experience in real estate, development, construction, and property management. The company has through its subsidiaries has developed shopping centers, single family contstruction, residential subdivisions, light industrial warehouses, and commercial office buildings.

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